Blossoming Calligraphy is a motion poster focussed on the relation between Japan and South Korea. Although there is still a political wall between both countries, symbolized by the current political tension and the historical grievance of Japanese colonisation of Korea (1910-1945), it is important to keep bringing the two sides together. Perhaps we have the opportunity to write a new visual narrative of Japan and South Korea for the future generation, as a future space for mutual understanding. 

Through a collaboration with a young Korean contemporary calligrapher called Jongsoo Kim, I expressed those three words through a common traditional art which is Calligraphy. Each Calligraphy is based on a word that have the same roots and pronunciation in both languages: trust (信賴shinrai/신념sinang), coexistency (共存kyōzon/공존gongjon) and emotion (感情kanjō/감정gamjeong). 

When the calligraphy on the front side is peeled off, the translated calligraphy from the other language gradually appears. Behaving as a  sticker sheet, this motion poster is blossoming and peeled off gradually reflecting an optimistic approach, showing an other perspective from past to future towards this conflict. 

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