Elderly tech, the elderly cane 

Japan is faced with an unprecedented population challenge that will have social, economic, and political consequences for years to come.

In 2015, people age 65 or older made up one fourth of the total population. This will grow to one-third of the total population in 2035. Technology in Japan will be a key concern. Predicting the consequences of Japan's demographic shift is difficult. However, treating the subject in a product field, I could ask myself if the use of a product will change in the future. This project treats about the parallel increase of high technology and elderly people. Does the use of the elderly cane will change in the future?

'if an elderly cane' Video :                                                                        Going to the essence of a product to predict future scenarios.
Essence of the elderly cane : SUPPORT.
Rethinking ways of support.

'Technology for elderly will save us' :                                                    Propaganda poster printed on canvas, 90.5x128cm 

Elderly tech poster.jpg
KAFPBA copie copie3final copie.jpg