JAPRANCE, the hybrid culture

Japrance project depicts a culturally rich country, its identity. Build on the blend between french and japanese culture, it gives all the visual identity of the country through products, stories, rituals, videos, imageries.  It is the following step of the Paris Syndrome publication project (http://www.masayakochi.com/paris-syndrome/).

When we ignore or do not have the knowlegdes about a culture, we naturally tend to refer ourself to the stereotypes, clichés that are anchored in our mind. Making assumptions is improving those pictures and lead most of the time to misunderstanding, exageration or black and white answers.

Japrance project is using those clichés, play with them to rise the stereotypes into an other level and layer. Make them more subtle to give an other message and point of view about the diffusion of one country's image. Delivering unexpected visual outcomes through those clichés, Japrance project underline the richness of cultural mixity in a era of paradox between authenticity and globalized world (globalization paradox).

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