Paris Syndrome

Paris Syndrome is an editorial work dealing with the subculture subject. 

It is a psychological disorder exhibited by japanese tourists due to the culture shock, the colossal contrast between their Paris and the reality.  Physically affected (anxiety, fast heartbeat) they get treated at the Saint-Anne's hospital in Paris and finally repatriated to Japan. Fascinated by cultural identities and standings, I underline the question of why in a such a globalized world, culture shock is still deeply anchored, especially between Japan and France.  

How Paris images are spread in Japan ? How japanese people receive those ideal pictures ?

Paris Syndrome, or the french lovers subcultures publication delivers an overview on the conducted research and the relation between those two cultures. Through series of analysis about historical relations, food culture, fashion, behaviours, digital propagation, cult for the french clichés, french icons and interview, the publication gives the global idea of how the french stereotypes are still anchored in young Japanese people. What are the consequences ? From dream to nightmare, this is the analysis of the Paris Syndrome.