Space of unity

Calligraphic flags for Japan and South Korea

A visual representation for a collaborative future between Japan and South Korea. Each flag is based on a word that have the same roots and pronounciation in both languages: trust (shinrai/sinang), coexistency (kyōzon/gongjon) and emotion (kanjō/gamjeong). Through a collaboration with a young Korean contemporary calligrapher called Jongsoo Kim, we expressed those three words through a common traditional art which is Calligraphy. Finally I digitally layered them and build three flags inspired by both countries flags’ grid system.

Space of unity is an opportunity to write a new visual narrative of Dokdo/Takeshima islands for future generations, as a space for mutual understanding. This project consists of a set of calligraphic flags. Each element reflects an optimistic approach, presenting alternative perspectives that connect cultural histories to possible futures of reconciliation.

Refer to ‘Space Of Unity, a digital representation’ for contextual input


Trust Flag copie 2.jpg
Emotion Flag2.jpg

Flags’ translation (Top Left: Trust, Top Right: Emotion, Bottom: Coexistence)